About us

The project

How many times do we hear or say 'there is nothing to do'. Many, too many times. Instead there is a reality that is teeming with worldly, captivating, fun events. An infinity of proposals that often, too often, go unnoticed. Managers of bars, restaurants, clubs, meeting places, which do not meet the attention they deserve.

It is along this axis of 'I would like to but I don't know', that Firstoff is born. A social network that allows those who have ideas, those who want to promote, those who launch offers, to have a spot. To be discovered among aperitifs, gastronomic proposals, evenings with live music, DJ sets and everything that makes us happy. How does it work? Simple. By logging in, organizers can promote what they want for free.

Those who, on the other hand, would like to spend a romantic evening, have fun with friends, enjoy dancing or eating, but don't know what to do, they simply have to register on Firstoff. By setting the interests, only the most relevant content will be displayed, even receiving targeted notifications on regional proposals. But there is more. By downloading the Firstoff application for Smartphone, users can access the virtual Firstoff Card, which guarantees discounts and offers very tempting, selected by the managers for their customers.

Our approach

The Firstoff project focuses on the constant collaboration of all the venues on the platform. In fact, the social approach of Firstoff requires the managers to advertise their venue and their events, freely deciding the presentation methods (photos, descriptions,offers,...). Therefore, this social network supports an effective and truthful point of contact between businesses and customers, allowing a rapid, targeted and effective passage of information.

Future goals

The constant increase of the number of venues affiliated with the social platform is the mission. In this way, customers will be guaranteed an increasingly complete overview of what is proposed; and equally a wider and more varied quantity of offers to be accessed through the Firstoff Card.

Furthermore, Firstoff is expanding more and more towards the hotel sector, providing tourists visiting the region with a targeted digital front-desk service, which can advise and guide them in the best possible way during their stay.